Canoe Tours


For the outdoor enthusiast we have canoe trips that throw you right into the middle of mother nature. One trip starts with a 2 1/2 mile track through muskeg, carrying your backpack. Then you paddle down the Warpath River, about 45 miles, to the mouth. You can see all kinds of beautiful country and wildlife. From there you will paddle along the shore of Lake Winnipeg to Dauphin River


Another trip starts at Strong Lake, following a series of creeks to connect with Warpath River , then down the lake to Dauphin River.


We also have a shorter 3 day trip that starts on the Fairford River, paddle through the Lake St.Martin and down the Dauphin River to the mouth at Sturgeon Bay.


All the trips are completely outfitted with canoes, paddles, life jackets, tents, food, cooking gear, and guide.